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I saw this idea on Fairy Dust Teaching and since I have hundreds of these stones (left over from centerpiece decorations at my daughter's wedding) I made some as a cute simple gift for my students on their birthday. On the back of each stone I wrote "Love, Mrs. Drake". Go here to see directions and other cute ideas:
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One idea I got from this group a long time ago was to make a "human birthday cake." We stand in circle around the birthday student and the student announces how many candles will be on his/her cake that day and they pick (human) candles to stand in the circle with him/her. We sing happy birthday and then the student "blows" out his/her candles by tapping a candle on the head with a pointer and they fall to the ground.

My students this year started a variation on their own... they flutter their hands above their heads "the candle is lit!"

They look forward to it. I don't do birthdays in the classroom because I've had (and seen) so many problems & disruptions, it's just best to make it simple and the same for everyone.

Birthday Treat
Submitted by Tara
I had a great idea for Birthday Treats!  It can get expensive to buy a gift for each child in your class.  So what I did was put some colored water and oil in a clear water bottle.  I also added a sprinkle of Birthday Confetti and hot glued the lid on.  I have also started adding a piece of laminated paper with their name on it inside too.  TADA!!!  Instant Birthday gift that the kids love!

(sung to the tune of “The Mulberry Bush”)
Here we go round the birthday cake,
The birthday cake, the birthday cake.
Here we go round the birthday cake;
Today is [child’s name]’s birthday!
Shout: Make a wish!
Celebrate birthdays with this imaginative musical idea! Have your class form a circle, holding hands, around the birthday child. Tell them that they are the candles on a birthday cake. Have them walk around in a circle as they sing the song. When they shout the last line, the birthday child makes his wish and pretends to blow out the candles as they all fall down.

Birthday Necklaces
Submitted by Sandra
Each birthday child can proudly display his age with a special birthday necklace. To make one necklace, laminate a numeral cutout that corresponds to that birthday child's age. Glue on a pair of wiggle eyes. Then, using permanent markers, draw on additional facial features. Attach a set of stars or stickers that corresponds to the child's age. Punch a hole in the cutout,
and then thread and tie a length of yarn through the hole. Hey, everybody! I am four years old today!

When's My Birthday?
Here's a tip to help you and your little ones remember those special days.Cut out a birthday cake shape for every child in your class. Program each shape with a different child's name and birthday. Each month, attach the
corresponding cutouts to the calendar on the appropriate spaces. Each youngster will enjoy watching his birthday get closer. Give each child his cake cutout to take home on his birthday. Happy birthday to you!

Submitted by Sandra
Oh, do you know the birthday girl (boy)
The birthday girl, the birthday girl,
Oh, do you know the birthday girl,
Her (his) name is __________.

Do you know how old she is
How old she is, how old she is?
Do you know how old she is
She is ___________ years old.

Submitted by Peggy
This is something I put out in the math center on someone's b-day.
1 empty and clean large margarine tub with lid
10 candles or golf tees
ice pick (for teacher use only :-)
used birthday cards with numbers on them ....ya know the ones that have "Today you are 4 Years Old" or make cards with numbers 1 - 10 on each.
Teacher preperation:
Warm an ice pick with lit match. Then poke 10 holes in lid of margarin tub close to outside edge. Put lid back on tub. Draw decorations on lid (I have picture of birthday cake, party hat etc)
Child chooses a card and then matches the corresponding number of  candles or golf tees by placing them in the holes in tub lid. Whne candles are in lid it looks like b-day cake!

Submitted by Chrisitne
For a child's birthday, we make him or her a "Birthday Hug Book".  We talk
about how nice it is to be hugged and how we feel inside when we get a hug
from someone we love.  Then I told the class that we are going to try and
make our birthday person feel those special feelings by giving him or her a
Birthday Hug Book.  We talked about how we could make someone feel good
without hugs and the kids said we could say something nice to that person.
BINGO!  We made a list of compliments about the birthday child and I listed
them on a board.

Each student got a paper which had "John is ____________.  Happy Birthday!
The students filled in the blank with a word from our compliment list.  Some
kids were able to copy the compliment they wanted to use from the board.
For others an adult wrote the letters in dotted fashion for the students to
trace.    Above the sentence, the students drew a picture for the birthday

I placed all the students' papers ontop of a 9X12 piece of oaktag and
stapled them on the left side only.  Then I traced a hand design onto
oaktag - one for the left and one for the right and cut them out.  On the
right hand I wrote The Birthday Hug book for _John_ and on the left hand I
wrote a heart and then "Mrs. Hawkins' Class".  I stapled these hands over
the students' papers (making sure we could still turn the pages).  The hands
are stapled at the wrist area onto the oaktag (not the students' pages) and
they overlap slightly so that it looks like a hug.  To read the book, you
open the hands and then turn the students' pages.

I found out about this idea mid way through last year so I didn't use it as
a birthday hug book.  Instead, I modified it and made a "Goodbye Hug Book"
for students when they left our class.  I sent the book to the child's new
school with his records.  One mother actually came back to the school and
said how much her son loved to get the book at his new school.

Title: Ten Little Candles
Submitted by Stephanie
Ten little candles. On a chocolate cake.
Wh!  Wh!
Now there are eight.
Eight little candles. On candlesticks.
Wh!  Wh! Now there are six.
Six little candles. And not one more.
Wh!  Wh!
Now there are four.
Four little candles. Red, white, and blue.
Wh!  Wh! Now there are two.
Two littles candles. Standing in the sun.
Wh!  Wh! Now there are none.

Title Birthday Celebrations
I took a round cookie tin and spray painted the lid and bottom white.  Then I wrote Happy Birthday with puffy paints on the lid, plus added candle holders using hot glue.  Since I've moved grade levels over several years, I usually have at least 8.  Then when a child has a birthday, this is our birthday cake!! I light real candles, the class sings, and the bday child makes a wish and blows out the candles.  I make a crown out of
construction paper and decorate it with glitter and jewels.  Plus, I put small prizes (old McDonald's toys, Oriental Trading stuff, etc.) in a birthday gift bag and let the bday child pick a gift!!  The children can't wait to have a birthday.  I celebrate 1/2 birthdays in Jan., Feb., and March for my summer bdays.


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