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My Doctor Bag

Large sheet of black construction paper folded in half with a handle cut out.
Children glue band aid, q-tip, possible stick or large craft stick (tongue depressor), gauze, cotton ball and construction paper medicine bottle inside.

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Call The Doctor!

From Mrs. B. room - the children covered two precut circles with foil then attached one to a headband and the other to pipe cleaners which they then secured in the back so they could wear it like a stethoscope. Adorable and so simple.

Dental Health

We practiced brushing teeth. Teeth are the bottom of liter soft drink bottle cut off and painted white.

Practicing flossing. One side of an egg carton painted to look like teeth and gum. Floss is string.

Fold a 9x12 piece of white construction paper in half. Draw lines and have children cut up the lines and make bristles for the tooth brush. Make a brush handle out of colored construction paper. Put child's name on the handle. Glue brush onto handle. Give the children a variety of materials to decorate their toothbrush handle with (like glitter and stickers).

Tool Belt

Kids colored and cut out tools then glued them on a sentence strip to make a belt. Free tool pattern here.


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