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Dinosaur Hats

We used bingo daubers to color paper plates, folded them in half and then stapled them together to make dinosaur hats.

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Dinosaur impressions on playdoh

Discovering Dinosaurs in Ice

I froze some small plastic dinosaurs in ice trays, small cups, and balloons. I gave the kids some spray bottles filled with warm water, hammers, turkey basters and plastic hammers and let them spray and hammer to get the dinosaurs out. Along the way we talked about how warm water melts the ice faster and how the large balloon shaped ice took longer than others to melt.


Each child got 2 biscuits and a plastic dinosaur. They gently pressed the dinosaur between the two biscuits - then I cooked them. The children now use popsicle sticks and paint brushes to gently dig thru the biscuit to fin the dinosaur and even better the impression the dinosaur left on the bottom biscuit.

I added some dinosaurs to our sand table.


Paper Plate Triceratops and Brontosaurus

We colored a paper plate on the back side. Then we cut the plate in half putting one half aside (this is the body). We cut the other half in half again and put one piece aside (this is the head). Glue 3 horns on it's head. Cut the last piece in half to make the legs. Punch holes and insert brads.

Brontosaurus made out of cut up paper plates. They are colored with bingo daubers.


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