File folder game working on reading our color words. Each colored basket has the color word written on it - the eggs are all white programmed with a color word. The child matches the eggs to the proper basket.

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Can You Guess The Color?

I found a similar game on Little Giraffes site and adapted it for my kiddos.
They got into teams each deciding who would be "teacher" and who would be "student". Each teacher got a bag full of jellybeans and each student got the above data sheet and crayons. The student closed her eyes and the teacher fed her a jellybean. The student colored in the color she guessed and then colored in the actual color. The teacher student repeated this for total of 3 tries. Then we switched places.We had a great time with this science game.

What Happens to a Jellybean When Placed in Water?

Estimation Station

I used some clear plastic eggs I got from Oriental Trading and placed 3 different size things inside each. I started with the smallest item - the bees. I showed the size of the bee and let them pass around the egg with the bees. Knowing it was less than 25 we guesstimated. We counted the number of bees and documented that. We then compared the bee to the jelly bean and the chick. With this knowledge we were able to make a more in formed guess for the egg holding the jellybeans and chick.


Hatching Chicks

The children cut out the egg shape- the cut it in half with a zig zag cut. They then cut out the chick, punched a hole in the bottom and added a brad.

Doily Eggs

The kids traced and cut out an egg shape and then glued a doily on top. Add some stickers and imagination.


This is from Mrs. A kindergarten class. They made the Calvary scene by finger painting yellow and red paints on construction paper. Then colored and cut out the 3 crosses and glued them down. They wrote the Bible verse: "Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world." John 1:29


These are so beautiful on our door. Fold brown construction paper in half and cut a window shape out of both sides. The children then glued two rectangles together to make a cross and covered contact paper with transparent sticker dots.


We played Easter Artist Game, which I got off internet. (I can't remember where I got this game but if someone knows please let me know so I can give credit.) Children roll dice moving piece around game board following directions of square landed on to draw rabbit.


A pink pom pom glued on a popsicle stick with two white pipe cleaners twisted around make the cutest rabbit noses ever!


Jelly Bean Sorting

Using tongs the children place the proper number of jellybeans in each part of the tray.

Number Egg Matching

On one side of the egg are dots and the other a numeral. The child twists the egg till the numeral and number of dots match.


These children choose an egg out of the basket and count the number of dots pre-programmed on the plastic egg. Then they drop that many jelly beans into the egg.


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