The children fill in the blanks for: "My mother is ___ feet tall. My mother weighs ___ lbs. My mother's hair color is ___. And then we took dictation for what my mom likes. They drew their mom's picture. This turned out so cute. Under the flap is the child's name who created it. The moms try to pick their child's drawing out.

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Mother's Day Card
The green is the child's hand print and the flowers are die cut. The poem on the pot says:

"I am like a flower that is raised by love by you.
You help me grow up big and strong
Mom, thanks for all you do."


Take 1 and 1/2 paper plates and color them and/or decorate them with stickers. Staple the half plate to the whole plate to make a basket. Add flowers mounted on popsicle sticks. Tissue paper finishes it off!


Materials: Mason jars, towel, shower cap, rubber ducky, bath salts (see recipe below), and card with poem (see poem below).

I put a blue shower cap on the boys and a pink on the girls and took a close up picture of each child with a towel wrapped around their neck and holding the rubber ducky close to their cheek. We made the bath salts and then poured them in each jar, tied a ribbon around the jar and attached the card with the poem. They turned out so adorable and what a special keepsake.

Bath Salt Recipe
Here's a simple recipe that uses epsom salts:
Ingredients: 2 1/2 lb epsom salts, food coloring, perfume
In a large bowl, mix epsom salts with food coloring and perfume. Mix until the color is spread out evenly. Put into smaller jars and let stand 4-6 weeks before using so that the perfume can absorb full into the salts.

The poem says:
Here's a gift for Mother's Day.
I'll try my best in every way.
But if you get upset with me,
Relax and soak! Don't you agree?


plastic container from play dough (clean & dry)
single hole puncher
pipe cleaner or "flower stem" from craft store, long enough to reach the bottom of the container & have 3" to spare
above the top construction paper child's "artwork" cut to fit around the container with about 1/8" of plastic showing on top & bottom child's picture (face only) clear contact paper new pencil
Wrap the artwork around the play dough container, securing it with tape where the sides join.  Carefully, cover with contact paper, with 1/8" extra above & below the artwork. Punch 5 or 6 holes in the lid of container.  Cut out the shape of a daisy, about 2 1/2 inches across.  Cut out the child's face in a circle that will be the center of the flower.  Use contact paper on front & back to keep it together & make it stiff.  Attach the pipe cleaner or "flower stem" to the back of the flower.  If using a pipe cleaner, mold 2 leaves about halfway from the top to the container & the bottomed of the flower.  Put it into the center hole of the lid, while it is on the container.  Put the pencil in one of the other holes.  What a wonderful pencil holder for Mommy or Daddy's desk.

Submitted by Judy
 School's or personal digital camera (disposable one will work)
 CD case (clear)
  plastic canvas or Art Foam
 Art Foam precut-out shapes
 sparkles--bit of ribbon
 Now that most teacher's have access to a digital camera, take a great snapshot of each student. Size it to fit nicely into the top of a CD case leaving one inch on each side. Cut your plastic canvas or Art Foam to the size of the CD case and using an exactor knife cut a 1" border left all the way around your CD frame. Allow your students to decorate their Art Foam or plastic canvas frame with the Shapes, sparkles, and I tie a little bow with a craft flower to put at center top. Glue the Art Frame to the CD case (teacher done makes for a cleaner frame). Place the picture inside with double stick tape top and bottom, carefully so as to not use it on the picture. Now it stands freely, is decorated by the child, and is a keepsake Mom can use in any room proudly.

Submitted by Linda
At the beginning of each month  I take each child's picture.  A scrap book is put together depicting a picture of their child all through the school year participating in different activities.  It is bound together and on each page I have used the Ellis dies to cut pictures that represent that month. Example, for September I cutout pictures of a school house, crayon and a pencil I then add the picture of their child.
Each student is recognized as the student of the week and I invite the parents to come and have lunch with their child  and then I take a picture of that child and their parent and this is added for the May picture.
When Mother's Day arrives this book is sent home to the mothers for a gift.  This is a great gift to show how much their little one has grown up and matured during their first year of school. The mother's really love this book.
 The only expense is a camera, film and developing.  I have written grants for this and have collected cash register receipts for this.

Submitted by Dianna
Each parent brought in a white shirt. The children made hand prints in a circle for a flower using fabrics paint and painted a green stem. We used their feet for the leaves of the flower. We added a thumb prints for bumble bees and ladybugs. Across the top I wrote "Love Grows in Mom's Garden "  The shirts need to dry overnight. The shirts need to be in a hot dyer for 45 minutes to set the paint before wearing and washing.

take about 5 hard colored candies the kind wrapped in cellophane. Wrap a chenille stick, that has been cut in 1/2, around the bottom of the candy. Roll all 5 chenille sticks together then you poke these through the Centrex of a small paper doily. So it looks like you have a little bouquet of flowers. Then tie a bunch of curly ribbon around and attach a pin in the back or you can give it to your Mom as a bouquet.

I am your little flower, Mom
Please help me grow and bloom;
Take the weeds, but leave the roots
And give me lots of room.

Mom, you are my gardener;
My sunshine and my rain.
Too much will make me wither
With enough, I'll bloom again.

I am your little flower, Mom
I'm different from the rest;
Don't pick me Mom, just help me grow
To be my very best.

Written by: Rebecca Armstrong
May, 1998

(sung to the tune of “My Bologna Has a First Name”)
Oh, my mother has a special name.
It’s M-O-M-M-Y!
My mother has a special name.
It’s M-O-M-M-Y!
Oh, I love to hug her every day.
And when I kiss her, I will say,
“Mommy, mommy, I love you!
I L-O-V-E Y-O-U!”

you will need: a clay draining dish (the kind you buy to put under pots)
craft paints for use on pots (craft stores, or paint stores have them)
spray shellac
paint brush's
stick on felt circle (sold as fur nature protectors at a hardware dept.)
terminate felt pen Label the bottom underside with name of child and date Have each child paint on their dish , When it is completely dry. Spray varnish. Put on self stick little felts on bottom. Viola a ring or change dish.

Submitted by Diane
A few years ago I found a cute idea in Mailbox for a card for Mother's Day.   You need to purchase the plastic "scrunchy" thing used to wash dishes.  I found them in a National Liquidator store, six in a package for $1.00.   They come in assorted colors.  Children picked a color, I attached it on to a 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of colored paper folded in half to make a card.  I used a brass fastener.  Depending upon the age of your children, they can either draw a stem and leaves and color them, or I cut them out and my threes glued them wherever they wanted.  I like their projects to look
like they did it and not I.  On the inside I added the following poem;
To make your Mother's Day fantastic,
I glued the stem and leaves on this flower of plastic.
I give it to you, Mom with this special wish...
Let me help you scrub each pot and dish.

We used this poem as part of our mother's day gift.  The 4's class decorated
a pot and planted four o'clock seeds in them and added the poem as the card.

A little seed for me to sow…
A little earth to make it grow…
A little hole,
A little pot…
A little wish,
And that is that.
A little sun,
A little shower…
A little while,
And then-a flower!

Mother's Day Gift
Submitted by Lisa
"I Love You To Pieces"
take a photo of each child,separately. make a rectangle boarder out of heavy paper or oaktag.
using extra puzzle pieces (can be any size), have the children glue the pieces to the boarder.
let the children paint the pieces their moms favorite color.
take one piece of puzzle and write on it "I love You To Pieces"
on another piece write the child's name and date.
glue them onto the rest of the pieces.
when all dry glue boarder onto an acrylic frame the size to match the photo.
be sure the boarder is up enough so the frame can still stand.
place photo in frame, you can add a bow if u like.
wrap in tissue paper and its all ready for mom!

Here's a simple recipe that uses epsom salts:
2 1/2 lb Epsom Salts
Food Coloring

In a large bowl, mix Epsom salts with food coloring and perfume. Mix until
the co lour is spread out evenly. Put into smaller jars and let stand 4-6
weeks before using so that the
perfume can absorb full into the salts.

Strawberry Freezer Jam
Yield: 1 servings (don't know what that exactly means!)
1 qt Ripe strawberries
4 c  Sugar
1 tb Lemon juice
1/2    Bottle of liquid pectin

Crush berries thoroughly.  Place in a large bowl.  Add sugar, mix well & let stand.  Mix lemon juice & add certo. Stir until all sugar crystals are dissolved. Ladle quickly into jars & leave to set, it may take 24 hours. Store in freezer.  Will keep in the fridge for 3 weeks.
from "The Settlement Cookbook"
Easy Freezer Strawberry Jam
Recipe by : Adriana Lorini

Ingredients :
1 quart strawberries
4 cups sugar
1 pouch CERTO Liquid Fruit Pectin
2 tbs. lemon juice

Instructions :
1) Stem and thoroughly crush, one layer at a time, about 1 quart strawberries. Measure 1 3/4 cups into a large bowl.
2) Add 4 cups sugar to fruit and mix well. Let stand 10 minutes
3) Stir in 1 pouch CERTO Liquid Fruit Pectin and 2 tbs. lemon juice. continue to stir for 3 minutes until most of the sugar is dissolved.
4) Pour into clean jars. Cover with tight lids and let stand at room temperature until set (may take 24 hours).
5) Store in freezer. If used within 3 weeks jam may be stored in refrigerator. Makes 5 cups.
Rhubarb Freezer Jam
4 c  Sugar
1 pk Strawberry jello (6 oz)
5 c  Rhubarb, cut fine

Stir rhubarb and sugar together and let stand overnight. Then boil 10 to 15 minutes. Remove from stove and add strawberry jello and stir till dissolved. Fill jars, leaving room for expansion. Cool and put in freezer.
There was no indication in the recipe to tell how much this will make ie quarts/pints etc. Comparing this recipe leads me to estimate it will make approx 3 pints, maybe more.
Freezer Peach Jam
Source: National Peach Commission
4 cups peeled, crushed fresh peaches
1/4 cup lemon juice
1 package powdered fruit pectin, 1 3/4 oz
 1 cup light corn syrup
 5 1/2 cups sugar

Measure peaches into a large kettle and add lemon juice. While stirring, slowly add pectin. Let stand 20 minutes; stir every 5 minutes to blend pectin with fruit. Add syrup and blend well; add sugar and blend well. Cook over low heat until just warm to the touch (about 100 degrees F). Do not allow mixture to become hot. Pour jam into jars to within 1/2-inch of top. Cover jars at once. Let stand until "jellied." Store in freezer until ready to use. Keep in refrigerator once jar has been opened.
Yield: 8 half-pints.
Strawberry-Kiwi Jam
Ingredients (1 servings)
2 3/4 c Crushed strawberries
1 1/4 c Kiwi fruit, peeled, chopped
3 1/4 c Sugar
1 pk Certo LIGHT Pectin Crystals

Measure prepared fruits into a large bowl. Measure sugar and set aside.
Combine Certo Light Fruit Pectin Crystals (no substitute) with 1/4 cup of the measured sugar. Gradually add to fruit, stirring well.  Let stand 30 min, stirring occasionally. Stir in remaining sugar and continue to stir for 3 minutes until most of the sugar is dissolved.  Pour into clean jars or plastic containers. Cover with tight lids and let stand at room temperature until set (may
take up to 24 hours).
Store in freezer or for 3 weeks in refrigerator. Makes 6 cups.

Submitted by Lauralee
Children have a certain way
Of growing bigger every day,
But these little hands
And this special smile
Will stay in out hearts
A long, long while.

With a picture of the child and paint hand prints on each side of their dazzling smile, these can be decorated with stickers or my new favorite-small butterflies and flowers cut with those little paper punchers you can buy in the craft stores.  We punched out dozens in all pastel colors and the kids glued them around the paper before I placed their painted hands around the pre-cut photo opening. (the last thing- to prevent glue or paint from getting on the photo).  These are the biggest hit each and every year I do them.

Submitted by Nance
I don't know if I already sent this in but this is the second year that I did this and it went over like a charm.  Use your warming tray or an electric frying pan.  Cut the paper to fit the area.  Turn it on and make sure to reinforce keeping hands and arms off.  Place the paper on the surface and then hold crayons at the top and draw on the paper.  The crayons will melt and mix colors.  When you are finished take off the paper and it will dry within a few seconds.  After this, I glued them onto heavy paper (card stock) and used magnetic tape on the back.  I then wrote ...Mom,  you melt my heart!  Happy Mother's Day.
I handed them out today and several parents called and responded with positive statements about this craft.  Hope you might use it for next year or for another holiday. You could do the same for Father's Day

Submitted by Marge
Here is a great song for the kids to sing to their moms--
(tune: Rock-a-bye Baby)

Mother my darling, Mother my dear.
I love you, I love you
Each day of the year.
You are so sweet,
And you are so kind.
And I am so glad that you are mine!

Submitted by Sue
Tune:  Have You Ever Seen A Lassie?

Have you ever seen a mother,
A mother, a mother,
Have you ever seen a mother
As special as mine?

To care for and love me,
To help and to hug me.
Have you ever seen a mother
As special as mine?

Submitted by Marilyn
I collect laundry detergent caps (Wisk, Era, etc) and we save all our moderately soft, older play dough in plastic in the refrigerator.  Have the children put the play dough into the caps.  Then I cut our various flower shapes in different colors.  I attach the flower shapes to tongue depressors.  For the younger's, they use watercolor paint or water crayons to decorate the flower shapes.    My older children use glitter, sequins, pastel paints, etc. to decorate the flower petals.  Then when they are dry, the child just sticks the tongue depressor right into the play dough filled cap.  It is simple and very cute.  I tie a nice pink ribbons around the cap and you have a floral bouquet for Mother's Day!

Submitted by Linda
Painted Pots:
Give each child a clay pot and write their name and date on the bottom with perm markers. Set Pot right side up. Have a selection of acrylic paint. I squirt it onto a large white tile in the middle of the table. Use a clean brush for each color. Remind children to ask peers for their brush rather than dip the used brush into a new color.  Let the pots dry  and then spray with acrylic varnish. (we take the bus to a nursery and buy pansies to plant in our pots)

Painted Dishes:
Cheaper than pots, buy the little clay dishes that usually people buy to put under clay pots. Paint them (the same as Pots) and spray them as ring/key dishes. I use primary colors for the 4's Painted Pots and Pastels for the 3's dishes.

Go for a walk and pick stems of grass and interesting leaves, press them. If you have access to little flowers that can be picked do so too. Otherwise buy some yourself and press them too. To press just lay between tissue in a book leave for at least a week. ( I pressed my own early and then the children pressed some and I switched them of course)
Using only a drop of glue or two per item glue onto strips of paper and laminate or mack tack as book marks. A thumb print bug looks nice on it as well.

Key holder:
I made a large bristle board heart and wrote I LOVE YOU on it
Then each child had their picture taken holding the heart under their chin.
I cut out wooden hearts from one inch thick wood with a jig saw.
I sand the sides slightly but also give the children sand paper to sand their hearts. The children glue their picture onto the heart and then poured glaze over the whole thing. (walmart craft section) After they were dry we added cup hooks and a sticky fabric hanger on the back.
Note these are also nice for father's can have tools as your theme first so you can bring in the jig saw and do a little demo with it.

Submitted by Karen
This year for Mother's Day we did a little something different with our two-year-olds.  We used fabric paint to put the kids' hand prints onto a handkerchief (you could also use fabric cut into squares), sewed lace around the edges, and wrote the child's name with "Mother's Day 2000" underneath it.  It makes a nice keepsake!  Especially with those little hands.

For the card, we had the kids watercolor the outside of card stock, and
inserted the following poem :

Dear Mom,
The most precious gift,
I am told,
Is all the love
The heart can hold.
I give it to you,
You give it to me,
There's enough for the world,
And the gift is free.
Will you take my love,
More precious than gold?
It's the finest gift
That the heart can hold.
Happy Mother's Day!
We put a little heart-shaped photo of the child on the inside, also

Submitted by AJ
Spoon - trace a cup shape out of wall paper.  Have the children cut it out and paste (just around the edges) onto a fancy paper doily.  Insert a tea bag with the string hanging out and write "Mom, You're Just My Cup of Tea!"  Then have children dip the bowl of a plastic spoon in melted white or milk chocolate.  Hold over pan till most of the dripping stops.  Dip spoon into sprinkles or other tiny cookie decoration.  When cool and solid, cover with saran wrap and tie with a pretty ribbon.  It can be used as stir stick to make Mother's Day Tea special.

For a Card    Teapot with a Smiley Face and a tea bag on the outside
 Poem on the Inside:
 Here is a gift for mother's day
 I'll try my best in every way.
 But when you get upset with me,
 Relax and have a cup of tea!

    embroidery hoops  (large enough for hand to fit inside of)
    plumbers putty
    dry tempura (to tint plaster, if desired)
    plaster of paris
    rolling pin (we use our play dough ones)
    container and spoon to mix plaster (disposable is best)
This is cool because the hand print ends up coming "out" of the plaster!
Take a good amount of the plumbers putty, about 3/4 inch thick and enough to be bigger than the embroidery hoop.  Use rolling pin to smooth out.  Place embroidery hoop (just the outside expandable part) on putty and push down slightly.  Place child's hand on putty and YOU push hand down into the putty evenly to make indentation.    Mix plaster of paris, tinting very lightly with dry tempura if desired, until consistency of yogurt.  Pour into embroidery hoop until even with top.  Shake gently to remove bubbles.  Let plaster set.  When set, remove embroidery hoop and peel off putty.  Allow at least several days to finish drying.     Putty can be reused many times if not allowed to dry out.  Embroidery hoops can also be reused, but eventually "stretch" and cause cracks in plaster and need to be replaced.  Small cracks can be patched by rubbing
plaster on crack with finger. Start early as this is time consuming!  Plumber's putty is not cheap.**

Submitted by Sally
For a special invitation to our Mother's Day Tea, I have the children trace their hand print (closed with thumb out to the side) on white construction paper.  They cut it out and it looks like a glove after they glue on a ruffle of lace trim.  Then they write or trace "MOM" on it, glue on a bead or jewel for a ring, and we slit the area between the forefinger and the thumb.  The
children then glue a circle with the info about the tea onto the center of a medium-sized paper doily.  We fold this (as you would to make snowflake cut-outs) and insert it into the slit. It looks like a hanky.  When mom opens the hanky she has a sweet little invitation and a keepsake holder for it!

Submitted by Margie
Different colored construction paper
Flower stencils (optional)...may draw on child's own
Permanent marker

Make flowers w/the colored construction paper with stems and leaves.
On the back of the stems (make wide enough to write something on) write a chore you will do for take out the trash, wash the dishes, vacume the living room, etc.
Make a flower pot with paper and glue it on the front of a fold-over card...leaving the top of the pot unglued for the flowers to be put in. Affix the flowers and write a personal message to mom inside the card.
Now mom can use (together with child's choice I imagine) the flowers for help from her darling

Submitted by Kathy
My Hand print
I miss you when we're not together
I'm growing up so fast
See how big I've gotten
Since you saw me last?
As I grow, I'll change a lot
The years will fly right by,
You'll wonder how I grew so quick
When and where and why?
So look up this hand print
That's hanging on your wall
And memories will come back of me
When I was very small

(Flower/Hand/Heart Project)
A piece of me
I give to you
I painted this flower
To say "I love you"

The heart is you
The hand is me,
To show we are friends-
The best there can be.

I hope you will save it
And look back someday
At the flower we shared
On this special day.

The craft that goes with this is: Mount a sheet of white paper on a larger sheet of construction paper. Paint a child's palm a color and his fingers a diff rent color. Press on the paper. When the hand print is dry, glue stems and leaf cutouts below the
flower. Place a heart shaped cut-out to the center of the hand print. Add the poem . It's really cute

Sticky Fingers and Big Wet Kisses
Sticky fingers and big wet kisses
Dirty toes and stars with wishes
Splashing through puddles and hugs too tight
Afternoon naps and sleepless nights
I'm growing so fast, I'll soon be grown
So I've made you this hand print for your very own
So tuck it away and keep it, please
So years from now I can see
How much I changed as time went by
And you can always remember my...
Sticky fingers and big wet kisses
Dirty toes and stars with wishes......

Hand prints
Sometimes you get discouraged
Because I am so small
I always leave my fingerprints
On furniture and walls.

But every day I'm growing
And i'll be grown some day
Then all those tiny Hand prints
Will surely fade away.

So here's a little hand print
Just so you can recall
Exactly how my fingers looked
When I was very small

Mother's Day card
Submitted by Diane
Hi everyone, I made an adorable card with my threes today for Mother's Day.  Thought I would share it.  You will need a small doily, basket type coffee filter, 4 cup size, tongue depressor and yellow pom pom.  Take a piece of 81/2 x 11 pastel colored paper and fold in half for the card.  Have the children use markers and have fun marking their coffee filter.  Have them help you spray it with water and watch the color blend together.  Hang to dry.  The children then colored their tongue depressor green.  Staple the filter with the doily underneath to the tongue depressor.  Crumple up the filter for the center of the flower, then crumple the doily, add a yellow pompom as the flower center and viola a pretty corsage for Mom. I taped it on the front of the card and added two leaves on the bottom.  Inside I wrote "Dear Mom,  I made this corsage for you to wear on your lapel or in your hair.  It's Mother's Day, and I love you for all the special things that you do.  They then traced their names.  They really look so pretty.

A Mom's a Special Lady
sung to Eensy, Weensy, spider
A Mom's a special lady,
So hug her every day.
She gives you lots of food to eat,
And takes you out to play.
Your mother reads you stories,
And buys you sneakers, too.
Aren't you happy that you have
A mom who loves you so?

Thank You, Mom
Sung to London Bridge
Thank you, Mom, for all your hugs,
All your hugs, all your hugs.
Thank you Mom, for all your hugs,
They feel good to me.
Thank you Mom for all your kisses
All your kisses, all your kisses.
Thank you Mom for all your kisses,
They feel good to me.
Thank you Mom for all your love
All your love, all your love.
Thank you Mom for all your love,
It feels good to me.

I Love Mother...
(Frere Jacques)
I love mother, I love mother,
Yes I do, yes I do
All I want to say is
Happy Mother's Day
I Love you, I love you.

Something for a May newsletter:
A Mother's Beautitudes:
Blessed is the mother who understands her child, for she shall inherit a kingdom of memories.
Blessed is the mother who knows how to comfort, for she shall possess a child's devotion.
Blessed is the mother who guides by the path of righteousness, for she shall be proud of her children.
Blessed is the mother who is never shocked, for she shall receive and know confidence and security.
Blessed is the mother who teaches respect, for she shall be respected.
Blessed is the mother who emphasizes the good and minimizes the bad, for her children shall follow her example.
Blessed is the mother who answers questions honestly, for she shall always be trusted.
Blessed is the mother who treats her children as she would like to be treated, for her home shall always be filled with happiness.  Author unknown.

I found this idea in another loop over a year ago and thought it was adorable.  They had a make-over party in their class.  They invited the Moms to class for a complete make over by their own children.  The children did their hair, make-up and nails.  They made placemats out of white paper and decorated them with stamps, Made place cards as well and corsages out of coffee filters.  The Moms looked so beautiful, they took pictures and sent them to the local town paper.  Some of the Moms were such good sports, they went back to work with their makeovers...barrettes, blue eye shadows, purple nail polish, etc.  I thought this idea sounded different and really cute.  Perhaps, you could get the local drugstore or beauty parlor to donate some of the necessities.
I do a cookbook year after year and it is always a big hit.  We interview each child for their favorite recipe what ingredients they need and how Mom puts it together. I then type them in book form.  The children draw their Mom, we add a chef's hat and put it together. The recipes are usually very funny and I know the Moms get a kick out of it.

Strawberry baskets for Mother's Day activity
Submitted by Nancy
Make a flower basket with them. Make 8 flowers about 2 to 3 inches out of construction paper (or any flower creation really) .weave  a pipe cleaner(2on each side) so that they stand up with the ends sticking up taller than the basket. If desired you can weave a nice ribbon around towards the top and tie a bow. Attach the flowers to the pipe cleaner and fill the basket with cookies or candy for  a great little May Day Gift or Mothers day gift. Make cookies that look  flowers like sp ritz cookies or use flower cookie cutters. You can do  for Valentines Day too using heart flowers and fill with heart  cookies. They turn out really cute.

Submitted by Diane
Hi everyone, Last year I did an adorable card for Mother's Day which was a great big hit. Start with a piece of 8 1/2 x11 pastel colored paper folded in half.  We then cut out vases out of either wallpaper or fabric and glued them on the front.  Then trace their hands in two colors look like tulips.  I then attached the hands to a length of green ribbon enough to fit around your neck. Cut a slit into the vase and slip the ribbon through so that the flowers are sitting the vase. I also added a small square of paper behind the vase for the ribbon to sit in.  The inside read "Whenever you need a hug from me, wear this special necklace lovingly from me."

Mother's Day pins
Submitted by Sue Anthony
I use Crayola Model Magic.  I give each child a little ball of the clay and they use a very small rolling pin to roll the clay flat.  I then use a cookie cutter in the shape of a heart.  Follow the directions on the package for drying. It usually is a day. Then we paint them red. Add any decorations you want. Hot glue a  pin backing to the back and your present is done.

Mother's Day gift.
Submitted by Marilyn
This is something that you can give as a gift for Easter, Mother's day or just for Spring.
Thoroughly clean a regular sized tuna fish can in the dishwasher.  Give each child a can.  Have the child paint on a good amount of tacky glue onto the sides of the can.  Roll the can in colorful fish gravel (found at the pet store) and allow to dry.  Next, paint a thin layer of the glue onto the inside bottom of the tuna can and sprinkle onto that some colored sand.  Shake off extra.  Allow to dry.  Purchase colorful votive candles(you can sometimes find them 4/$1.00 at a discount store)  and using a glue gun, secure the candle to the center inside of the tuna can.    You now have a lovely votive candle holder.
This is a simple, low cost gift that also teaches the children about recycling.

Mother's Day Gift
Submitted by Kris
1)  A set of note cards and envelopes, the note cards made from card stock paper and then print the child's hand print on the front in the child's choice of colors.

2)  A plaster hand print -- but we make them so the hand print sticks out instead of going in.  You use plumbers putty.  Set an ample amount of putty on the table, about an inch thick, use rolling pins (from play dough :-)) to smooth the top.  Help child to press their hand into the putty, pressing gently on each finger and on the palm of their hand.  when you  are satisfied with the print, place an embroidery hoop on the putty, centering the hand print  Make your plaster of paris and pour into the hoop.  After the plaster is set, remove it from the putty.  The putty can be reused -- which is good because it is a little costly!  They turn out cute -- and show a lot of detail!  You can even color the plaster of paris powder with dry tempra paint before you add the water, but it seems to be better if you do not make it too dark.

Submitted by Julie
Fill a laundry detergent scoop with soil and marigold seeds.  Hot glue milk cap lids to the sides for wheels anddecorate the handle with a pretty bow.  My mother's love it!  However, you may need to request donations of laundry detergent scoops at beginning of the year and send home reminders.

 Submitted by
Use black paper and chalk.  Have them sit very still while you use the light from an overhead proj. to trace around the outline of their heads on black construction paper.  Cut these out and mount on white paper.

Title:I Love My Mommy
Submitted by Linda
Sing to tune of "Up on the Housetop"
I love my mommy, Yessiree!
She is very good to me!
She makes me cookies and yummy treats,
That's my mom and she's real neat!
Oh, oh, oh, who wouldn't know,
Oh, oh, oh, who wouldn't know,
I love my mommy and she loves me,
That's the way it's supposed to be!

Title: Five Pretty Mommies
Submitted by Kimberly
Sing to tune of "Five Little Ducks"
Five pretty mommies I once knew,
Fat ones, skinny ones, tall ones, too,
But the one in the middle that belongs to me...
I love her and she loves me!
Down to the grocery we did go,
Wibble - wobble, wibble - wobble, to and fro,
But the one in the middle that belongs to me,
I love her and she loves me!

Title: Mother's Day Gift
Submitted by BethArea: Art
Trace around a cup shape onto pretty wallpaper and cut out. Have children glue JUST THE EDGES OF THE SIDES onto a fancy paper doily. Insert a tea bag with the string hanging out. Write:"Mom you're just my cup of tea!" Then have the children dip the bowl of a plastic spoon in melted chocolate. Hold over the pan till most dripping stops. Dip spoon into nonpareils. When cooled and solid wrap in colored saran wrap. Mom can use to stir her tea on Mother's day.


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