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There was a "cake" idea in Family Fun a few years back.  Make a cake and 
light a candle for each month of the year- have a little candle lighting ceremony 
where each month is named while the candle is lit.  Then together blow out 
"the old year".

Distribute horns, bells, gongs, pot lids and spoons, noisemakers etc.

Blow a horn, bang a gong (blow a horn, bang a gong)
The year is almost gone!
Bang a pan, shout horray (bang lids together, shout)
The brand-new year comes today!
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!
Happy New Year, everyone (shout and make a racket)!

Ring The Bells  (Sung to Row Row Row Your Boat) 
      (Give each child a set of bells)
 Ring ring ring the bells
 Ring them loud and clear
 Let's tell everyone around
 That the New Year is here!!

 Hello New Year (Sung to "Are You Sleeping?")
 Hello New Year
 Hello New Year
 Good bye old
 Good bye old
 Hello New Year
 Hello New Year
 We're glad you're here
 We're glad you're here 

Blow a whistle,
Give a cheer.
The year 2004 is here!

Let's have a party,
This new year 
Is sure to be great!!

 tune:  London Bridge
Now we have a brand new year,
Brand new year,
Brand new year,
Now we have a brand new year,
It's _________ !

Now is here.
A brand new start
For a brand new year!

One, two
the year is new.
Three, four
O03 is no more.
Five, six
the clock ticks.
Seven, eight.
O04 will be great.
 Nine, ten
celebrate with a friend!

Out with the old, In with the new"
Discuss older generations and babies.  Take a field trip to the baby room
and see the babies.
What are some other things that go out with the old and in with the new?
Discuss opposites (old/new, loud/quiet)

New Years Resolutions
Make a Class Resolution Book.  Encourage children to make a resolution for
things to do around the house (ex:  clean their room, help with dinner,
etc).  Have each child illustrate a page.

New Year's Day
      It's your lucky day! This delicious idea is perfect for a classroom New Year's celebration! People in many different countries believe that certain foods bring good luck. Some people, for example, believe that red foods, such as apples, and special cakes with coins baked inside them are lucky. To make a class good-luck snack, prepare your favorite cupcake recipe. Before baking the cupcakes, push a walnut half into the batter of one cupcake. Bake and cool the cupcakes; then ask each student to frost and decorate one as desired. Next announce that one cupcake has a walnut and that the student who receives it will have extra good luck in the New Year. If desired, invite youngsters to sample apple wedges along with their cupcakes. As students enjoy their yummy treats, ask them if they think that certain foods bring luck and invite them to explain their answers. Now, that's some food for thought!

Happy New Year!
(sung to the tune of “Head,Shoulders,Knees,and Toes ”)
There ’s a new year on the way,
On the way!
There ’s a new year on the way,
On the way!
Let ’s celebrate the year and
give a cheer!(Say,“Hooray!”)
There ’s a new year on the way,
On the way!

Submitted by Sigrid
We celebrate Chinese New Year on Feb. 5th  in a big way. We have a big cardboard box we decorate and make into an airplane then we pretend to fly to China. We have an airport with a pilot, co-pilot, flight attendance and etc.. We make Passports with the child's picture, name and address. Make dragons, banners, lanterns and make the room look very Chinese in red and gold. We have a rice table to play with rice. We make "Lucky Shinny Pennies" (vinegar and salt mixed). We have Chinese music, do a "Ribbon Dance" and sing the song from  Charlotte Diamond " May there always be sunshine" in English. French and Chinese. We have a "Chinese New Year's" party for The parents where we have Chinese goodies eat with chop sticks. We flight back from "China' on "Valentines Day" and have a Valentines party on the plane where they get goodies served by the stewards and stewardesses. We lean a lot of multicultural similarities and difference and acceptance of other people who are different.

Submitted by Theresa
It is the Year of the Rabbit and the Chinese are celebrating their New Year. This is a Chinese Game Called Elves and Dragons.  It is similar to Duck Duck Goose.  According to Chinese folklore, after a rainy season elves live in rivers.  They try to pull in people who are walking along the banks.
Skills:  Following Directions, Listening, spacial awareness, and gross motor development.
1. Choose one child to be the elf.
2. Divide the rest of the class into two teams. The teams stand about 10' apart in two parallel lines facing each other. The two lines represent the river's banks.
3. The elf stands in the space between the teams.  This area represents the river.
4. The elf calls out the name of a player on one of the river's banks.
5. That player then calls out the name of a player on the opposite bank of the river.
6. Both players try to cross the ther river to exchange places.  They must reach their new places before being tagged by the elf.
7. The first player tagged by the elf becomes the new elf.
8. If no one is tagged, the the game continues as descrived in steps 4 to 6, until a player is tagged.
9. Play the game for as long as it holds children's interest.

New Years Eve.
Submitted by Sharon
Happy New Year Song
(sing to Farmer in the Dell)

     It's 1999,
     It's 1999!
     Have a Happy New Year,
     It's 1999!

New Years Hats
Provide the children with paper bowls or cone cups,streamers, glitter, glue and construction paper. Have them create a party hat early in the day.

Old and New
At circle time provide example of new and old:
-shiny and tarnished pennies
-worn and new clothing
-an empty bottle of pop and a full one
-a broken toy and a new toy
(you get the picture)
After discussing old and new, have each child choose one item and have them explain whether it is old or new. What are we able to do with the old items (recycle, give away, cherish.....)

New Years Punch
6c. fruit juice
1 can frozen lemonade
2 cans of water
@2c of frozen sherbet balls

Use a melon baller and have the children help make the sherbet balls. Place on cookie sheet and set in freezer. Mix juices and water, add sherbet balls. Enjoy!

Making Confetti
Provide all the paper scraps you can and make it a day long project! have the children tear, rip and cut to their hearts content. After you "ring in the new year" (we do it about 3pm), wrap masking tape sticky side out around each child's hand. Have a sticky pick up blitz to collect up the confetti! (it really works! The kiddos love the clean up!)


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