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Interactive big book Itsy Bitsy, Medium Sized, and Big Fat Spider.

Spider puzzle

Made spiders in salt

Our bulleting board with our Spider Facts. "We know spiderS make webs."

Black paper plates, white yarn, and plastic spiders. Cut slits in the rim of the paper plate. Tape a long piece of yarn to back of plate and weave the yarn around the paper plate sliding the yarn in the slits. Tie the plastic spider to he yarn.

Working with Five Little Spiders Interactive Big Book.
We made "Spider Heads" (as the children called them). These were a huge hit! We used TLC instructions to cut a circle for the spider's head from a square.
Paint a sentence strip black (or use black paper that will fit around child's head). Cut a circle out of black construction paper and glue googly eyes on - this will be head of spider. Accordion fold 8 rectangle strips and staple, along with the head, to the headband.


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